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Profesora de Filosofía del IES Mariana Pineda (Granada)


Especialmente dedicado a mis alumnos y alumnas del grupo bilingüe. 
Vamos a trabajar los derechos humanos del derecho y del revés: what means in English too. 
Firstly you will  need a few resources, for example, this shortened and easier version of the Universal Declatarion of Human Rights.

I think you could find out some  interesting and useful information related to this issue: why should  we be concerned about human rights?
What about your sense of humour?, try to find a humourous picture related to  your favourite human right. Here
Finally, I suggest you to play  this game, which will let you feel like a refugee. (It also let you to change the language, ufff!!!)
And, most of all, do not forget your  task: write in a paper (better  in English) about your human right, add an actual case related to it and paste a picture or drawing that represents what the human right states.


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