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Profesora de Filosofía del IES Mariana Pineda (Granada)

Searching for happiness

When the Greeks thought about happiness, they considered it the aim of all our actions, the highest good that every man strives for; reaching fulfillment.But the eternal question has always been the following: Is it possible to achieve fulfillment?, is happiness something that can be achieved? Or should we consider it an horizon that always lies open and an impossible quest for the impossible?.
After watching this video try to answer the questions below:
- Summarize the different ways to achieve  to a happy life you can find on it.
- What theory do you like the most?, why? 
- What is happiness?, in your opinion....does this question have an answer?


1 comentarios:

Blas Iannini

Pilar, soy Blas, fui estudiante del Mariana
En 4° de ESO. Ahora estoy estudiando en la
Presentación de Granada, y veo a la gente que
no acaba de entender estas teorias.

Como a mi me resultó bastante fácil entenderlas
con este video te quería pedir que me mandases el
link asi podría exponerlo en una clase.

Muchas gracias 😁

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